Overview of selected materials, which can be proceseed by drying on devices delivered by VZDUCHOTORG, is available here.

Drying devices for food industry and agriculture

  • complex of type VR dryers for drying of milk products, food products with output in the range of 10 to 1000 kg of dried product per hour
  • flow dryers for drying of mush and pasty materials (e.g. fruit and corn slops, animal excrements)
  • grain and pulse dryers (wheat, barley, corn, sunflower etc.)
  • hops, fruit and vegetable belt dryers
  • fruit, vegetable and industrial goods chamber dryers
  • fruit, vegetable and industrial goods cabinet dryers

Drying devices for timber processing and furniture industry

  • All metal or walled sawn-timber driers, low-, middle- and large capacity
  • Peeled veneer, carton roller driers
  • Sliced veneer belt driers

Drying devices for chemical and farmaceutical industry, plastic products, drying of varnished products, smelting industry

  • water, steam, electrical cabinet driers (also for explosion hazard enviroment)
  • rotating drum driers
  • fluid circle driers
  • vibrofluid beds (also for explosion hazard enviroment)

Ecological devices for air filtration and desulphurisation of exhaust gas

  • low capacity filters
  • filters with regeneration (JET-Pulse)
  • reactors for desulphurisation of flue gas
  • flow driers for drying of sewage treatment plant sludge

Units for air treatment process

  • Air-conditioning and ventilation units
  • Air conditioning piping
  • Cabinet air-conditioning and ventilation units
  • Devices for reverse recuperation of heat
  • Economisers ( flue gas -water)
  • Heating units
  • Heat recuperators
  • Heat exchangers ( Cu-Al, bimetall pipe )
  • Hot air equipment ( natural gas, light heating oil )
  • Humidification and dehumidification units

Nonstandard products or devices

  • welded silos and tanks made of structural and stainless steel
  • welded and bolted steel constructions
  • welded piping made of structural and stainless steel
  • products or devices based on customer's documentation